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Hi, everyone!

We're a two-dev team currently developing our first pixel-pulp called Red Dragon Down (pixel-pulps are fast-paced visual novels with rich pixel art).

So what's the game about?

Having read lots of war comics and enjoying Moorcock, Ursula K. Leguin, Tolkien and many other authors tackling fantasy fiction, we came up with this idea, a war story set in a fantasy world:

A group of dwarves trying to protect an armored dragon carrying lots of gold behind enemy lines.
(“Black Hawk Dawn with Dragons” was a shortcut to capture some of its tension.)

Naturally, Red Dragon Down's story is growing from there to truly weird and interesting places.

So buckle up! This is going to be a heavy-pixelated bumpy road!


If you want to support us, we have set up a Patreon with three different tiers. You can check it here!

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